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Why should your business be a limited liability corporation?

When you are a creative and enterprising individual with a lot of good ideas, you may hate sitting in a cubicle all day working for someone else. Starting a business is the dream of many Americans, but paperwork and legal structuring can seem overwhelming if you don’t know much about business law.

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Businesses may soon land in between franchisees and franchisors

For the past century or so, American business – and the restaurant industry in particular – has been heavily dependent on the franchise model. This model is so familiar that it is easy to forget that corporate giants like McDonalds and Walmart were once “mom and pop” enterprises.

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Save money and reduce stress: Hire a business law attorney

If you’re like most Americans, you are probably stressed out at least some of the time. And why are Americans stressed? According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, the two leading stressors in Americans’ lives are worries about money and worries about their jobs. Right now, money seems to be pulling slightly ahead as the leading cause of stress.

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