California Attorney Handling the Buying or Selling of a Business

The buying or selling of a business frequently necessitates the advice and guidance of an experienced business law lawyer. At the Law Offices of Peter C. Bronstein in Los Angeles, we focus on providing businesses with professional representation and knowledgeable counsel when buying or selling a business.

Our firm has handled numerous transactions involving the sale of businesses. We advise clients on either side of the sale, ensuring their rights in the transaction are fully protected.Contact us to discuss your specific business sale issues.

Many buyers and sellers attempt to use a pre-printed form for the purchase or sale of a business. They may do this to save the expense of an attorney, but this savings may be short-lived. A generic document will fail to cover specific elements of your transaction, and your interests may be compromised, the deal may be lost, and legal fees extracting your business will be many times what it would have cost to have retained experienced legal counsel upfront.

In many circumstances the sale of a business requires compliance with the Bulk Sales laws that require publication in addition to other factors.

Understanding the Business

It is essential that you fully understand what you are getting into when considering purchasing a business. As the potential buyer, you must understand all aspects of the business, including any problems. In some cases, potential difficulties may outweigh the future potential profit of the business and not be in your interests. Our firm acts in a consulting capacity, performing a complete due diligence review of the business before any actual negotiations or transactions take place and offering our professional assessment and evaluation. Due diligence is similar to a legal audit. All agreements, potential and actual litigation, corporate records, security interests, loans are reviewed to determine the status of the company from a legal perspective.

The typical procedure involves drafting a letter of intent, purchase agreement and due diligence review.

To further discuss your options when buying or selling of a business, contact the Law Offices of Peter C. Bronstein in Los Angeles, California. Our office is dedicated to helping you create, manage, protect and grow your business entity and its future. If necessary, we can be involved in litigation if there are any disputes that arise. Call 310-203-2249 for a FREE initial consultation. For your convenience, evening and weekend appointments are available by request.