Construction Law

Defending Construction Defect Claims

Our firm defends builders, architects, subcontractors and helps them resolve disputes. Responding to construction defects can destroy a general contractor, subcontractor or supplier. Litigating a claim can interfere with business and bring work to a stop! Our firm defends licensed contractors, subcontractors, architects, suppliers by creating effective strategies to allow you to continue operations during this stressful time period. We know that when you are not working the lives of many will be effected.

Contract Disputes

Construction contract disputes are likely to occur to Contractors, Owners and subcontractors at some point in the process. Some clients don’t have written contracts or do not use standard construction contracts. These clients must establish the agreements are in fact valid. Other clients use standard construction contracts and encounter difficulties in performing or have subcontractors or vendors who do not perform adequately. When a dispute arises everyone is potentially liable. For the owner who has paid for his project but cannot open for business or suffers delays because the project has defects the delay is expensive and could put the owner out of business completely. For the general contractor who has performed and not received payment, the consequences can be catastrophic. The general contractor may not be able to pay subcontractors who themselves are in serious financial distress. Subcontractors may face a multitude of lawsuits when a construct defect case is initiated or may have to pay when all work is adequate to continue operating. The potential issues may be endless and this is where the Law office of Peter Bronstein can help you.

  • Change Orders
  • Scope of Work
  • Changed Conditions Claims
  • Delay/Acceleration/Disruption Claims
  • Inefficiency Claims
  • Warranty Claims
  • Financial Issues
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Arbitration of Claims

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