California Employment Litigation

Even if employers and employees make every effort to understand each other, sometimes disagreements and legal disputes are inevitable.

At The Law Office of Peter C. Bronstein in Los Angeles, California, we help business owners, employers and executives navigate disputes and litigation that affect their ability to work and do business. Lawyer Peter Bronstein has helped clients resolve disputes involving:

  • Employment discrimination and workplace harassment
  • State Labor Board claims
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Disputes over the classification of employees vs. independent contractors
  • Noncompete and nondisclosure issues
  • Employment class actions

We also help employers minimize the risk of litigation by developing legally sound, forward-looking policies and contracts.

Employment litigation can be stressful, expensive and disruptive for both employers and employees. We understand that it is essential to handle these disputes promptly, with an eye on your bottom line and the future of your company. This allows you to focus on what you do best — running the business.

We have extensive experience representing both employers and employees in these matters, which means we know how the opposition will try to advance their case. Attorney Peter Bronstein has the skills and experience to aggressively advance your best interests and provide a compelling case on your behalf, whether in negotiation or trial.

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