Internet Litigation & DMCA


The Internet is relatively new. Many areas of law are still developing and there are many unknowns. Internet issues can occur over loss or theft of data, emails, website content, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) or privacy policies. In a new area of law it’s important to deal with someone that has knowledge of the tools if the internet and was General Counsel to a web hosting Company for over 7 years. In litigation persistent, tenacious and aggressive representation may determine the outcome. When you need an attorney who will put your interests first, tenaciously and aggressively pursue your rights the Law Office of Peter C. Bronstein is the firm to call for a free consultation.


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a recent development-signed in 1998. The law provides a safe harbor for ISP’s (Internet Service provider’s) and others that maintain large amounts of data on their website by allowing such parties to avoid liability if they follow the Act, designate an agent and file such designation with the United States Copyright Office. Nevertheless, lawsuits may arise.