Bizarre contract dispute reveals conspiracy theory

Business disputes occurring in California and elsewhere can involve any number of facts and circumstances that may be limited only by the imagination. Sometimes the interconnections between litigants can appear to be surreal, or sometimes, it may look like a bizarre comedy of errors between eccentric personalities. A recent contract dispute appears to take on a somewhat strange line of allegations that are curious to say the least.

It involves a “gentlemen’s club,” i.e., a strip club, where the two owners of the club are being evicted by the landlord. In this curious business conflict, the two club owners have a partnership called 2D2G. A lawyer for 2D2G filed a legal response to the building owners’ eviction suit.

In that response, it is claimed that the landlord and one of the club’s partners are best of friends. It is charged that the landlord has conspired to cut the remaining partner out of the business. The conspiring partner allegedly stole more than $100,000 from the business and used it for airline tickets and other improper purchases. The rogue partner is also accused of bringing known drug dealers to the premises and swallowing large quantities of white powder and life savers in front of everyone. The accused partner denied the accusations to reporters.

He claims that the airline tickets were legitimate business expenses. He made his own allegations, saying that the other partner was creating facts to fit his slanted picture of things. He stated that the drug allegations are bogus. The claim includes a demand for $15,000 in rent, code violations totaling $15,000 and foreclosure of a lien on a liquor license.

The building owner stated that he had to act when the lease expired and the tenants did not buy the building as agreed. He lamented that the two partners could not “settle their differences.” What he did not address is his alleged conspiracy with one of the partners to bring the other down. This exemplifies how, in California or elsewhere, all manner of strange charges and/or unlikely bedfellows may emerge in a contract dispute, especially one involving a strip club.

Source:, “Drug, conspiracy allegations latest twist in Daytona strip club owners’ dispute“, Katie Kustura, Sept. 17, 2016

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