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Corporate dispute pits Netflix against 21st Century Fox

In an unusual legal dispute, two giants in the California entertainment industry are fighting over the recruitment of top executives. The corporate dispute pits industry veteran 21st Century Fox against plucky upstart Netflix. Fox claims that Netflix has effectively “poached” executives away from Fox. Fox has filed a lawsuit in the matter, and Netflix responded with a counterclaim. Both parties appear prepared to defend their position in court, if necessary.

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Consult experienced counsel early in a contract dispute

In California and elsewhere, two business entities often find themselves in an agreed joint venture, a partnership or even a series of repeating business transactions that the companies find to be profitable. Generally, at the core of the relationship is a written contract or a series of writings constituting a legal contract. While the profitable transactions may continue for extended periods, there often comes a time where a twist or turn of events causes a problem for both businesses, leading to a contract dispute.

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Business disputes come from a variety of sources

Few California companies can keep their doors open without encountering issues with customers, vendors or other companies. Business disputes can come from a variety of sources. The question is whether they can be resolved amicably or if litigation will be required.

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Claims service loses business litigation claim based on fraud

Sometimes it appears that businesses are as vulnerable to a case of buyer’s remorse as anyone else. That seems to be a factor at play in a business litigation matter in which a company that purchased a California adjusting business turned around and sued the acquired company in 2011 for fraud. The acquiring company, IAS Claim Services, sued the Anaheim-based adjusting firm for allegedly misrepresenting the size of its customer base, therefore causing IAS to grossly overpay for the purchase.

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Business litigation lawyer must master client communications

Attorneys in California are required to keep their clients informed on the details and status of their cases. Business litigators have an even greater challenge in some respects due to the complexity of some areas of business law and business litigation. One issue that sometimes requires a delicate balancing act is in deciding precisely how much information to give the client.

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Pokemon game may incite increased business litigation

The “Pokemon Go” game is blazing its way to stardom in California and nationwide and is being tagged as the most innovative digital game on the current market. The game has players going out into real-life locations, through a GPS guidance system, to look for the virtual red and white balls that are then thrown at the onscreen Pokemon. The novel gimmick of the game is being used by some businesses to promote themselves by having games take place at their locality; however, some aspects of the game may lead to increased business litigation for those businesses. 

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Business litigation over small business ownership is common

California and all other states commonly see many disputes between small business owners over the management or ownership of a company. The dispute typically has two or three owners of a small business arguing over ownership rights or other rights in the business. Where the parties are not particularly meticulous and don’t put their agreements in writing, or don’t keep good financial records, such disputes can easily turn into business litigation.

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Dispute between two co-founders leads to business litigation

Many well-known startups in California and elsewhere, including Facebook and Snapchat, have gone through upheavals in ownership shortly after the business began to function. The original creators may find themselves at a crisis point where they no longer understand each other or their plans for the dream program they created. This often leads to business litigation and a settlement that turns out to be not so lucrative for the withdrawing partner.                      

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Two investment consulting firms in breach of contract litigation

It often happens in California that two companies will come together to support each other in the pursuit of a common project. This may loosely be called a joint venture, or a contractual arrangement between two entities may be drafted to further a common business goal. When things don’t go right in a joint venture or similar agreement between two companies, the conflict may turn into breach of contract litigation.

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Trump University case is a top business litigation attraction

Business litigation regarding contract disputes in California and other jurisdictions covers a wide range of subject matter. One significant area of such litigation involves consumer complaints against businesses regarding alleged defective products and services. Attorneys who practice business litigation and those in the field of consumer litigation will generally both be adept at handling such matters, both for the business owner and on behalf of the consumer.

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