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Breach of contract claims often deal with oil and gas leases

Contract disputes in California over oil and gas leases are common. These types of disputes often concern the payment of royalties and claims of failure to pay the amounts due. There may be other types of breach of contract claims dealing with the terms and/or conditions involved in the leases. An example of this is taking place in another jurisdiction where two owners of land, in separate lawsuits, have sued the Stone Energy Corporation for failing to pay to them the royalties promised under alleged contracts.

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Contract dispute interfering with the airing of show’s season 2

California tends to thrive on entertainment industry contract disputes. The laid-back slower pace of life here is just that: a perception, and probably a wrong one. In the entertainment industry, the stresses of business dealings, including when there is a contract dispute, are even more hectic than in other states because of the intense demands made on all the participants. In one current example, the production itself is taking place in another state, but at least one of the disputing entities is from this state.

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Producers of the Great Comet of 1812 settle contract litigation

Whenever business entities enter into contractual agreements, the initial hopes for the contracts are generally seen through rose-colored glasses. Usually, the parties who have signed a new agreement focus on high hopes for the project. That so-called honeymoon period, however, almost always ends, and a flow of contractual misinterpretations can often lead the parties into strong disagreements and, ultimately, into contract litigation, which is a common development for many contract disputes in California.

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Contract dispute between oil barons goes up to $1 billion

Contract disputes in California and other states can be small incidental matters dealing with a small amount of damages or they can be massive battles between big-money companies that may involve up to a billion dollars or more in damages. A case involving the latter type of contract dispute is being set for a jury trial, with disputes over oil contract interests and revenue rights that is potentially worth up to $1 billion. The plaintiff is Mesa Petroleum, and the defendants are four exploration and production companies.

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Contract dispute halts health care service to 750,000 customers

When a hospital network and a major insurer of patients get into a contract dispute, it usually results in significant hardship to the patients who want to use health care facilities that are in the network. This type of contract dispute occurs periodically in California and other states. It is presently taking place in another state between Tenet Healthcare and Humana.

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Bizarre contract dispute reveals conspiracy theory

Business disputes occurring in California and elsewhere can involve any number of facts and circumstances that may be limited only by the imagination. Sometimes the interconnections between litigants can appear to be surreal, or sometimes, it may look like a bizarre comedy of errors between eccentric personalities. A recent contract dispute appears to take on a somewhat strange line of allegations that are curious to say the least.

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Some say patients may suffer if contract dispute is not resolved

Within the medical industry in California and other states, relationships between unionized hospital workers and management are often fragile. The functioning and success of a business often suffers immediate negative impact if a contract dispute arises. Skilled negotiation and assertive representation are typically key factors toward swift and amicable solutions to such problems. An ongoing disagreement in another state involves a group of union members who are registered nurses.

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Oracle liable for $3 billion to HP on breach of contract

Contract disputes can be for a few dollars over a small agreement between friends; conversely, they can range into the billions of dollars when two giant technology companies are fighting over a contract that went astray. The latter category is applicable to the contract fight between Oracle Corp. and Hewlett Packard over the Itanium chip. The dispute came to a major climax recently when a California state court jury awarded Hewlett Packard $3 billion in damages after finding that Oracle was in breach of contract by failing to provide promised software for the chip.  

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Contract dispute can escalate into complex litigation maneuvers

In California and elsewhere, land that is owned by a government entity may become the subject of a development contract in which the government agrees to allow a private developer to construct housing units on the land. This is the case in another state where a private housing developer has become embroiled in extended litigation with the county, city and school district governments. The fight is over a housing development project that was supposed to produce 262 homes on the subdivided lots.

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Litigation over endorsement agreement pits Nike against runner

California courts get their fair share of contract disputes dealing with endorsement agreements. An endorsement agreement gives a company the use of a celebrity’s name, likeness and reputation for the promotion of the company’s product. One of the most popular and lucrative kinds of endorsement agreements is the endorsement by athletes of the various athletic products that consumers buy. These contracts, however, can lead to litigation dealing with a wide range of legal issues.

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