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Contract dispute halts health care service to 750,000 customers

When a hospital network and a major insurer of patients get into a contract dispute, it usually results in significant hardship to the patients who want to use health care facilities that are in the network. This type of contract dispute occurs periodically in California and other states. It is presently taking place in another state between Tenet Healthcare and Humana.

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Business disputes come from a variety of sources

Few California companies can keep their doors open without encountering issues with customers, vendors or other companies. Business disputes can come from a variety of sources. The question is whether they can be resolved amicably or if litigation will be required.

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Several solutions available in intellectual property litigation

If a person owns a copyright or trademark, other individuals, unfortunately, may use the copyright or trademark without permission. In some cases, they might use a similar mark. In this situation, an attorney who specializes in intellectual property rights can guide him or her on how to protect his or her trademark or copyright in California.

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Claims service loses business litigation claim based on fraud

Sometimes it appears that businesses are as vulnerable to a case of buyer’s remorse as anyone else. That seems to be a factor at play in a business litigation matter in which a company that purchased a California adjusting business turned around and sued the acquired company in 2011 for fraud. The acquiring company, IAS Claim Services, sued the Anaheim-based adjusting firm for allegedly misrepresenting the size of its customer base, therefore causing IAS to grossly overpay for the purchase.

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