Some say patients may suffer if contract dispute is not resolved

Within the medical industry in California and other states, relationships between unionized hospital workers and management are often fragile. The functioning and success of a business often suffers immediate negative impact if a contract dispute arises. Skilled negotiation and assertive representation are typically key factors toward swift and amicable solutions to such problems. An ongoing disagreement in another state involves a group of union members who are registered nurses.

The nurses’ most recent contract expired in June 2016. Many of them were joined by an executive from their county as they staged a practice strike in front of their workplace. The county official told reporters that the union has always shown tremendous support for his campaigns; thus, he wanted to make an appearance to show solidarity with its members.

The nurses have stated that hospital management is more concerned with cutting costs than quality care. A spokesperson for the nurses said she and her colleagues are constantly faced with added work due to staff shortages. The nurse also said she and others worry that patients are not receiving the high standard of care they deserve because there are not enough workers to do the job right.

Authorization to launch an official strike was recently postponed. An official speaking on behalf of the hospital said management is, and always has been, quite willing to negotiate a fair agreement. The spokeswoman also stated that the recently staged protest was simply a demonstration meant to help union members gain the upper hand at the bargaining table when negotiations to resolve the contract dispute resume. With regard to anyone facing similar business issues in California, an experienced attorney is prepared to protect the bottom line through aggressive litigation when a situation warrants it.

Source:, “Union members protest outside St. Joseph Hospital as contract dispute lingers“, Stephen T. Watson, Aug. 23, 2016

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