Fraud Litigation

Fraud, sometimes known as deceit or a scam generally requires intent. This is a very serious action requiring much more than other claims. Fraud requires a false statement. Not every false statement makes it fraud.

At the time the false statement is made the person making the statement knew it was false. The statement must be justifiably relied upon by the person who received the statement. In other words there was a reasonable basis for believing the statement to be true and there is a reason you can rely upon that statement.

Because fraud is such a serious act by a person the law may allow you to receive punitive damages-damages to punish the person making the statement.

Some cases that we have litigated fraud claims involved where the party was buying stock in a business, the person promised to deliver stock in exchange for payment, but the stock was never received, where the architect advanced monies to compete a construction project where the owner promised to repay all funds advanced after financing but never repaid those funds, informing investors that they would double their money and the business went out of business and many other cases.

Fraud cases can be complex and involve a lot of time to pursue. At the Law Office of Peter Bronstein we use all our efforts to pursue your claim whether it’s a publicly traded corporation, a small business owner or a relative-and we have pursued these claims in the past.

An experienced attorney can help you recover your money or property. You are experienced in your profession. We have experience in our profession.

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