Trade Secret Disputes And Litigation

Business owners and professionals work hard to develop unique products and policies that help them run smoothly and profitably. Many of these materials are designated trade secrets and subject to intellectual property protections.

At The Law Office of Peter C. Bronstein, we are experienced litigators helping businesses in Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding area with trademark matters.

Often, businesses and their former employees become embroiled in disputes over customer data and other resources. For example, a business may keep a list of its customers and prospects, to which employees have access. If an employee leaves the company and uses that information to develop relationships that threaten the business, it may be appropriate for the business to bring a claim to protect its trade secrets. It is necessary to balance the business’s right to its intellectual property with the employee’s right to free enterprise.

Lawyer Peter Bronstein spent years as counsel for a national franchise before opening his own law firm. He has successfully represented both business owners and individuals in trade secret disputes, using his well-rounded perspective to anticipate challenges and address them proactively.

Success in trade secret litigation requires persistent, tenacious and aggressive representation. When you need a business attorney who will put your interests first, contact The Law Office of Peter C. Bronstein.

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